CFI Spin Training and Spin Endorsement

Note: This is a modified Advanced Course geared specifically for the CFI and CFI-applicant.

The CFI Spin Training Course is a stand-alone flight program that helps CFIs develop and demonstrate instructional-level knowledge and pilotage skills in spin awareness.  An FAA CFI Spin Endorsement is given upon completion for CFI-applicants.

You’ll first participate in instructor-level ground training that includes spin theory and practical application.  You’ll also discuss skills and techniques for spin avoidance, spin recognition, and spin recovery, with specific emphasis on dual-given to a student flying the maneuvers.

During the flight, you will have the chance to see and practice each stall and spin maneuver — as well as the chance to instruct as the “simulated student” attempts to fly the same maneuvers.  As the CFI, your instruction will include, when necessary, taking control of the airplane to recover from a “student”-induced spin or botched recovery.

 For CFI-applicants, the Spin Endorsement defined in 14 CFR §61.183 is provided upon satisfactory completion of this program.

Following the successful flight and a full debrief that answers all your questions, you’ll receive a Spin Endorsement in your logbook.  You’ll also be entitled to return at any time in the future to update your spin proficiency with a Refresher Course at reduced rates.

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