Flights and Rates

Your flight experience is entirely customizable for your flight needs.  Please Contact Us with your requests so we can personalize a program just for you.  The following are general rates for basic services:

Rides and Tours Rate
Aerobatic Ride $145
Sightseeing & Scenic Tours Short (25-30 min) – $85 | Long (50-55 min) – $145

Or, contact us to discuss your personalized flight plan for any sightseeing or scenic tour you’d like to experience.

Instructional Flights Rate
Discovery Flight $90
Tailwheel Training $155 per hour
Includes aircraft, headset, fuel, CFI.
Basic Aerobatic Flight $155 (flat rate)
Stall and Spin Training
Advanced $175
Includes 1.5-hour intensive Ground Instruction on spins
CFI $195
Includes CFI-level Ground Instruction and FAA-mandated CFI-applicant spin endorsement  
Refresher $155
Requires Advanced or CFI flight completion.
All Stall and Spin Course rates include: Aircraft, headset, parachute, fuel, CFI, pre- and post-flight briefings

All instruction includes the appropriate logbook entry.

All appropriately rated pilots can log Pilot-in-Command (PIC) time during flight instruction.

Rates are based on flights out of the KFLV (Leavenworth, KS) area.  Flights from other locations are absolutely doable, but may incur an additional fee.