Flights and Rates

Your flight experience is entirely customizable for your flight needs.  Please Contact Us with your requests so we can personalize a program just for you.  The following are general rates for basic services:

Rides and Tours Rate
Flagpole Ride $59
Aerobatic Ride $135
Sightseeing & Scenic Tours Missouri River Valley Tour: Short – $85 | Long – $145

Or, contact us to discuss your personalized flight plan for any sightseeing or scenic tour you’d like to experience.

Instructional Flights Rate
Discovery Flight $89
Tailwheel Training $135 per hour
Includes aircraft, headset, fuel, CFI.  Ground training provided at ground rate.
Basic Aerobatic Flight $145
Stall and Spin Training
Basic (Course 1) $165
Includes 1-hour intensive Ground Instruction on stalls
This course is strongly recommended for student pilots prior to Course 2.
Advanced (Course 2) $195
($165 with Course 1 completion or CFI referral)
Includes 1-hour intensive Ground Instruction on spins
CFI (Course 3) $225
($195 with Course 1 completion or CFI referral)
Includes CFI-level Ground Instruction and FAA-mandated CFI-applicant spin endorsement  
Refresher (Course 4) $145
Requires Course 2 or 3 completion.
All Stall and Spin Course rates include: Aircraft, headset, parachute, fuel, CFI, pre- and post-flight briefings
Ground Instruction $40 per hour

All instruction includes the appropriate logbook entry.

All appropriately rated pilots can log Pilot-in-Command (PIC) time during flight instruction.