About Nehemiah Aviation

citabria4Come experience the adventure of flying!

Never flown and want to see what it’s like? Want to see something from the air? Come fly with us!

An experienced pilot but never tackled the tailwheel? Come fly with us!

Excited at the prospect of loops, rolls, spins and just flying upside down? Come fly with us!

Nehemiah Aviation provides affordable and exciting flight and training opportunities for anyone of any age or flying ability.  We’re passionate about aviation and love to share that passion with anyone who shows interest.  We’re friendly and encouraging — our goal is to help you meet your goal.

We fly the Citabria, a two-place, tandem (front/back) conventional gear airplane with outstanding visibility and handling.  It’s a calm, safe aircraft for seeing the leaves change color in fall — and for flying aerobatics!

No matter your experience or abilities, Nehemiah Aviation will customize a flight experience just for you.  Check out our services and rates for standard flights, or call, contact, or email Nehemiah Aviation today to schedule your unique flight experience.

What’s in a Name

Nehemiah Aviation, LLC takes its name from the fourth chapter of the Book of Nehemiah. As the people of Judah were trying to rebuild the wall of Jerusalem, the surrounding nations plotted to attack them. In response to this threat, their leader, Nehemiah, said

We prayed to our God and posted a guard day and night…
Nehemiah 4:9

The people of Judah didn’t just pray – they prayed and they acted, moving forward both in faith and in deed. In today’s world, it may sometimes be easy to say “I’ll pray for you” or “Let’s pray” about something. Sometimes, it is harder to actually do something about it.

The aim of Nehemiah Aviation is to do something – to move forward not just in faith, but also in action.

There are two ways Nehemiah Aviation is working toward this goal.

First, Nehemiah Aviation, LLC will work to provide both pilot training and affordable airplane rides and flight experiences – with the goal of putting aviation in reach of anyone who wants it. Whether it is children who are fascinated by airplanes or a World War II veteran who wants to take to the air one more time, Nehemiah Aviation, LLC will work to provide an affordable and exciting flying experience for any and all who come.

Second, Nehemiah Aviation Ministries, Inc. is a non-profit charitable ministry with the goal of introducing the next generation to aviation, aviation ministry, and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. In partnership with churches and local communities, Nehemiah Aviation Ministries will inspire youth to ministry and aviation, disciple in the faith, and mentor all youth through life’s challenges through the discipline and inspiration of flying.

Interested in what we do? Contact us for more information or to lend your support.