Student Pilot Resources

Step by Step Instructions

1. How to Obtain a Student Pilot Certificate
2. Private Pilot Ground Training Options

Aircraft Data

1975 C-172M | POH | Checklist
1981 C-172P | POH | Checklist
1975 Bellanca Citabria | POH | Checklist
1982 Piper Warrior II | POH | Checklist
1965 Piper Cherokee 180 | POH | Flight Manual | Checklist | W&B

New Pilot Supply List

Books & Resources:
Pilot’s Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge (free PDF | hardcopy)
Airplane Flying Handbook (free PDF | hardcopy)
Aeronautical Information Manual (free PDF)
14 CFR Part 61
14 CFR Part 91

Logbook: Recommended | Alternate
E6B:  Metal (Recommended) | Cardboard
VFR Sectional: Select Kansas City Sectional

Do not buy a headset until discussing the issue with a CFI. You will have the opportunity to borrow different kinds and determine if a purchase is right for you and what kind of headset is right for you.  It is not a cheap investment.  That said, if you want a quality, durable, everyday headset, the David Clark H10-13.4 is recommended.