Advanced Stall and Spin Training

The Advanced Course of the Stall and Spin program focuses on spin recognition and spin recovery.

This is a dedicated spin sortie.  You’ll fly the entire spectrum of upright spins from both intentional set-ups and realistic flying scenarios — including stalls and base-to-final turns.  Your focus areas will include recognizing conditions that are susceptible to spin, recognizing a spin begin to develop, having situational awareness during a spin, and executing a proper spin recovery.

The objective of this flight is to give you confidence in your ability to recognize and avoid spins — but also recover from spins if necessary.  This will increase your piloting skills and flying safety, as well as give you confidence in your ability to control the aircraft even during extremely dynamic maneuvering flight.

Following completion of this training, you’ll be entitled to return at any time in the future to update your spin proficiency with a Refresher Course at reduced rates.

For additional information, view program Rates or Contact Us with your specific training needs.

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