Nehemiah Aviation emphasizes flight safety in all of its operations.  Your pilot is an FAA-certified instructor with years of civilian and military flight experience, with extensive flight safety training and qualifications.  Your pilot will follow all rules and regulations regarding approved flight operations at all times.

All persons associated with Nehemiah Aviation are drug and alcohol free, and Nehemiah Aviation participates in an FAA Drug Abatement program.

We strive to provide flight opportunities to all who come.  In fact, we hope to open up the world of aviation to some who might have thought it impossible.  Unfortunately, due to safety reasons, there are some restrictions on who can participate in certain flight experiences.

Flight Restrictions

All flight experiences have a body weight limit that varies slightly depending on the program.  In general, persons who weigh more than 240 pounds will be unable to fly on any flight program.  There is no minimum weight limit.

Most flight adventures are open to all ages, with the approval and signature of a parent or legal guardian.  Aerobatic rides — which require wearing a parachute — are restricted to 16 years of age and older, with the concurrence of both a guardian and the pilot in command.

Due to the nature of the flying environment, all persons who fly must have some ability to communicate with the pilot and, depending on the flight program selected, certain physical abilities that will enable them to participate in their safe entry and exit from the airplane.  If you lack certain communication or physical abilities, the pilot will work with you and/or your family to determine what flight profiles you can safely fly.

It is our hope that an opportunity can be found for everyone to fly, and we will work with you to try to find a solution.  Unfortunately, every person is unique in their abilities and limitations, and we cannot guarantee everyone will be able to safely fly.  The pilot is the final authority as to ability to safely conduct the flight.