Specialized Flight Experiences

Grass Strip Landings

Come fly with us!  Discover the joys and challenges of aerobatics, stall and spin training, tailwheel flying, and even landing at grass strips with good barbecue — all in the convenience of the greater Kansas City area.

Every flight is personalized to your needs and desires!

Not a pilot?  No problem!  Want a fun airplane ride?  We offer personalized airplane rides just for you.  Whether you just want a calm, comfortable chance to see what flying is like or you want an exciting flight better than any roller coaster, our FAA-certified instructor will give you the flight you need.  Opportunities include:

  • Discovery Flights
  • Sightseeing
  • Scenic Tours
  • Airborne Observation

Whether you want to see the leaves change, fly over your house, or just about anything else, we can work to make it happen!

The visibility from our cockpit is outstanding in every direction — and, if it’s in the way, we can even fly with the door off!

For pilots, we offer the gamut of VFR flight training in a tandem-seating, aerobatic-capable Citabria.  Whether you’re an experienced pilot thinking about a tailwheel endorsement, an aspiring Sport Pilot who needs conventional gear training, or a pilot who just wants to improve his stick-and-rudder skills, we can provide you the flight experience you need.  Pilot services include:

Need something different?  Just ask!  For additional information, view our program Rates or Contact Us with your unique needs.