Basic Aerobatic Flight

aerobatic flightsThis Basic Aerobatic Flight enables pilots to experience and control an airplane in every attitude — from upside down to straight up and straight down.

You’ll strap on a parachute, climb into the front seat, and with the help of a CFI you’ll fly yourself through a world of maneuvers you may never have seen before. You will fly the aerobatics!

After demonstrating a tailwheel takeoff, your CFI will hand you the controls for the flight to the working area.  Once there, your CFI will demonstrate and talk you through your execution of loops, rolls, spins, and other aerobatic maneuvers.

You’re in control.  Want to fly another loop?  Go for it.  Had enough dives but want to fly upside down some more?  No problem.  The intensity of the flight can be modified to your skills and comfort.  Your flight time will be approximately 40 minutes.

This is an instructional flight and includes a CFI logbook entry annotating tailwheel time and aerobatic instruction (and PIC time, for SEL qualified pilots).

This is an introduction to aerobatics.

Due to aircraft limitations, pilots must weigh no more than 210 pounds.

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